Lighthouse Initiative for Texas Classrooms

Grade 6 Lessons

  • Grade 6 Lessons (pdf)
    • Lessons and Skills Correlation
    • Nationalism in South Africa: Then and Now
    • Immigration: Pushing and Pulling
    • Five Themes of Geography
    • So What Is a Revolution, Anyway?

Teacher Voice: Grade 6 World Cultures—Jan Miller, Marion Russell Middle School, Del Rio, Texas

The grade 6 Pre-AP* classroom at first glance seems very much like a regular classroom. The topics and chapters covered are essentially the same. The differences appear when one looks at how the material is taught and who does the work.

The students’ introduction to Pre-AP World Cultures and Geography begins with a study of the areas of social studies. Since most of our students have no concept of economics and government and the different themes of geography and have limited expertise in basic social studies skills, the initial six weeks of study is devoted to these areas because they serve as a basis for the study of different cultural areas of the world. Students also look at how these things help us understand the world around us. We stress comparison of the similarities and differences among peoples and societies. A strong emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills, writing, and organizational skills. Projects that require integration of the above are used on a regular basis.

The cultural areas that will be covered in grade 6 are the United States and Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Africa, and Asia. We strive to cover one of these areas each six weeks.

Social Studies skills lessons are interspersed throughout the year and are applied to the area being studied.

Political cartoons, primary and secondary sources, and analogies are introduced to the students at this level.