One of the very best ways for Pre-AP* mathematics teachers to understand the goals, skills, and work habits necessary for success in AP* Calculus and AP Statistics is to examine released AP problems and talk with AP mathematics teachers in their district about where their students encountered difficulty. In this section of the Lighthouse website, we have chosen two AP free-response problems (the ones that require students to show their work and that are graded by actual humans)—one from calculus and one from statistics. Following each problem are several variations written by Pre-AP teachers to address some common areas of difficulty. You will see the actual worksheets that teachers made, so there will be different styles and formats. Figures are often hand drawn so they might be rough and not drawn to scale. Each variation includes a teacher version with commentary and answers followed by a clean copy that could be used with students. Examining actual AP problems and the difficulties that students had with them should be a regular and ongoing part of a mathematics vertical team's discussions.